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How do I place an order?

Just add the items you are interested in to the cart. When finalizing the selection of products, simply click on the "bag" and complete your order. You will be redirected to enter your shipping details and then you can conclude your order paying via PayPal.

What are the forms of payment?


We have many payments methods available for domestic buyers, but international customers MUST use only PayPal.

How does the website shipping system work?

We offer free shipping conditions to delivery in Brazilian territory. International buyers must select your country in shopping cart and check shipping prices available. We have partnerships with Correios and DHL and we can ship all over the world. Shipping prices for other countries varies according to package weight.
IMPORTANT: any customs fees and taxes in country of destination are responsability of the buyer.


Are the products genuine?

All our products are official! We do not work with "Thai" items or anything like that. We also don't sell reproductions of old  models ("retro"). We check all the labels and characteristics that attest to the authenticity of the products before we list them in our website. If you have any doubt about some specific item you can contact us.

How do I know the condition of a product?

As we sell classic shirts, the vast majority of our products are pre-owned, so it is important to show all details in the item. All shirts advertised undergo an evaluation and are rated with a grade from 1 to 6, where:

1/6  - Bad state of conservation, it has wear bubbles, pulls, accentuated sponsorship wear,  stain or holes (shown in the photos);
  - Medium state of conservation, it has wear bubbles and/or faded labels due to age. May show considerable wear  on the sponsor. Still in good used condition;
  - Good conservation status, signs of normal use (for example: a few small balls, tags not visible, sponsorship with light wear);
  - Very good state of conservation, it does not show significant signs of use that could compromise the integrity of the shirt (an internal label erased for example);
5/6 -
  Excellent state of conservation, despite not having the original tag, it appears to have not been used;
  - New shirt, tag. Unused.

You can also check if the shirt has any flaws/defects through the ad photos. If you have any questions about the condition of a shirt, just contact us.

Is this store reliable?

We are a company that works with online sales since 2017. We also have a physical store in Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil.
We already send to all continents and we have customers from all over the World. You can check our reputation in our social medias. For safety, we only accept PayPal as an international payment method.

If you need any other help not listed above, you can contact us via e-mail
Instagram Message or WhatsApp +55 31 991990500

Our customer service works:
Mon - Fri: 9am - 19pm*
Saturday: 9am - 13pm*
*Brazilian time

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